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"I find my inspiration through time and space",

Zack Portrait.jpg

My name is Zackarias Nygren 


Born in the mid 90’s Uppsala Sweden.

Attending a Waldorf School, with many years of handcraft in all it´s forms.

I spent my last years Graduating High School of Creative Art & Design.


Thankfully coming from a creative family, my passion for art & design just fall naturally. Having my beloved Mother as my first art teacher in Sculptures, Oil & Acrylic painting, aswell my dearest Grandmother in Aquarelle colors & Designs.

So I can literally say I was born with the Pencil in my hand.

Seeing the lance throughout my Fathers Black & White Photography & my Grandfathers creative mind by handcrafted materials. I have found my way to create in different forms.

As Thomas Merton once said "Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time"

Welcome to my Universe of Art & Design.

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